Apparel Information Every Garment Decorator Needs to Know: Dont Pay Too Much for T-Shirts

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Whether a company is trying to sell directly to their consumers at retail or whether a company is hoping to wholesale their products will drastically affect the prices we pay. But, if Bob wants to sell his T-shirts wholesale to Jim because they buy a lot of T-shirts, then Bob has to price his shirts at a higher price. Bob would lose a huge customer that consistently sells a large volume of their product.

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Thus, Bob would in the end probably sell less T-shirts because Jim has a larger distribution and marketing network. Traditionally, this is how the fashion businesses have operated. Today, there are a number of companies that are trying to buck the traditional wholesale model. These companies have decided at a strategic level to directly cut out wholesale partners from their sales cycles.

Bob earns more and we save more in the end. Obviously, this is a general summary of the fashion industry and its economics. As a fashion company grows they can tailor their costs and prices differently, depending on their marketing strategies. But, this fundamental concept is what guides their strategies.

Should they have a transparent background or is white ok? Any help would be appreciated.

Couple of quick tips:. You should submit your files in either. Your files should have a transparent background 3. The program you use is up to you! We find that the majority of our customers use Photoshop. Prints appear speckled with white which I understand is part of the curing process.

How to Start a Clothing Line (From a Project Runway Fashion Designer)

I have however had a grey circle print on black that does look good so it looks like it may be a quality control thing? Is there any way of printing solid blocks of colour without this happening? I was really really hoping that DTG printing could at least come a little bit closer to screenprint quality. I would reach out to support printful. I have a question regarding the colours of the t-shirts themselves not the designs.

I would like to know what the RGB values are for the t-shirts themselves. Is there a way to know that? I am completely new at this… How would I be able to make T-shirts or sweatshirts with just a saying on it? Is there a way I can just do writing with no background color? I do not always care for the big box around the words.

Hi Darneshia! You can certainly create that design, with or without a background around, or with black lettering outlines. I recommend checking out our Photoshop tutorials.

Or you can use our Design Services — fill out a form for a quote and our in-house designers will work with you one-on-one to get your designs print file ready. Also, Am I able to take a silhouette off the internet and use that as a photo? Am I suppose to convert my finished product? Thank you. Should I be adding a white base so that the white prints twice is that even possible?

Is there a trick I should be following to improve the quality being printed? We find that white results can vary depending on the fabric — you can read more about it here. Hey Nora, can you tell me what is the poster papers base color.

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  • I usually remove the white paper background in Photoshop but need to know the base color and cannot find anything on your website, thanks in advance. Poster paper is white. Hope this helps! I have a question about the images that are sent to Woocommerce that I have synced.

    The shirt images are crisp. But the images for the prints are not. Why are the Print images so blurry? Hi, I have a few files up now in png format for t shirts.


    Can a screen print proof be read for a POD job? I own a design that I had done for me, and had a few samples done up by a screen printer years ago. The main print was done on the back, and a text screen done on the front. I want to just do the main print on the front. The timing is right to get these shirts off the ground in a new shop, but the designer no longer is in business, and I do not have separate files of just the design, but rather the design on 3 different colored shirts.

    Can these be used to create POD shirts, etc… or do I have to have someone redo them into just the design only? The problem is that the design uses different colors based on the shirt color. Black text on white shirt…white text on red and blue shirts. I have had lots of good reports and reviews of using Printful…and since this is for a nonprofit startup, I wanted a company I could count on.

    So What’s The Real Difference Between Budget and Premium Priced Clothes?

    Thanks for commenting! For converting low quality images into high quality you can use vector conversion services. It is one of the best method to get high quality images from low quality. I am confused about file sizes when imprint areas change depending upon size. Wonderful information. In addition always save your files in print-ready, and do not use layers and reduce everything to the background layer.

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    Perfect print-file is very useful to increase your work productivity. I really appreciate your post because reading your post i have collected much useful information. I suggest reaching out to support printful. Hi — Is there an increase in print quality if i submit art dpi or do all submitted files get automatically downgraded to ? When you submit an order or sync a product, your print file will save in whatever DPI you used. If you create a print file with the mockup generator, it automatically shrinks down to DPI. If your graphic has a lot of fine details, you might want to go with a higher DPI.

    Any ideas to make the quality as best as possible on Adobe illustrator. Should I make it with a different frame size like by or something or is there something I can do in the program itself to make it better quality on the edges. Paste in or create your design at the intended size within the artboard 3. Click OK. Thanks for taking the time to explain things in such great detail in a way that is easy to understand. While doing the work perfectly you need to the concepts very clearly where you will find out the way to make the things in a perfect manner which will be helpful for the person to run the best part so printing is not the way you should know the particular things which you will get to know through the experts.

    In this, a simple tutorial is given which is very helpful for the users. I am just starting out and I want to now is dpi the largest size to upload? I am using Photoshop CS6. Does this mean that if I create a product using this tool, that the image will automatically be scaled down to fit an XS vs an XL? If not, how do I ensure that the placement is how I want it on all sizes of a particular model shirt?