Born of the Grave

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Prenatal sex determination was outlawed in but families still use illegal methods or devices to discover the gender and terminate pregnancies for unwanted female offspring. A study in the British medical journal The Lancet found that up to 12 million girls had been aborted in the last three decades in India. In January, a three-week old baby girl was found buried alive in Rajasthan state after locals heard her crying from a shallow grave, but died after a few weeks at a hospital. In , police in western Maharashtra state recovered 19 female foetuses from a sewer near a clinic.

A doctor was arrested and charged with illegally aborting female foetuses for parents desperate for a boy. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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Topics India. The pregnancy and the woman's head trauma may also be related.

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The burial, dating to the 7th-8th century AD, was found in the town of Imola in northern Italy in Because the adult skeleton was found face-up and intact, archaeologists determined it to be a purposeful burial in a stone-lined grave. The fetal remains between her legs and the injury to her head, however, triggered an in-depth investigation, which was recently published in the journal World Neurosurgery by researchers at the Universities of Ferrara and Bologna.

This means it was positioned like a near-term fetus: head down in preparation for birth. But it also means that the fetus was likely partially delivered. Female burial from near Bologna, Italy, dating to the 7th century AD reveals fetal bones in and outside of the pelvic cavity.

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Although rare in the contemporary forensic-medical literature and even more so in the bioarchaeological record, this appears to be a case of post-mortem fetal extrusion or coffin birth. The actual mechanism of coffin birth is somewhat less understood, however.

Taken together, these are suggestive of trepanation, an ancient form of skull surgery.