Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claims: A Survival Guide

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Marjie, Superstorm Sandy Survivor.

Superstorm Sandy | Lessons Learned - Consumer Reports

El Paso County, CO. Wildfire Survivor It has lifted my spirits. Larimer County Commissioners Office.

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Larry Fredrickson, SB, Sonoma County, Nancy, Witch Creek Fire Survivor. New Jersey Relief Fund. Joe Wimberley, Sr. Manager, Team Depot. Rancho Bernardo Community Council. City of Berkeley. Insurance Information Network of California. Jim Pesout Butte Fire Survivor. High Park and Waldo Canyon fires. Liu, Bay Area, CA. I have been wanting to express my appreciation for the amazing support your organization has been to us as we have been recovering through the firestorm of Northern California. I have attended most of your workshops and even though I am so busy during this time, each one has been well worth my time.

I have received excellent counsel especially in realizing what my rights and what the responsibilities of my insurance company. Janice Johnson, Wildfire Survivor Terri T. Matt Q. Jennifer Rosdail, San Francisco Realtor.

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Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church. California Department of Insurance. The Denver Foundation. Jeff Smith, Wildfire Survivor. American Red Cross. Boulder County, CO. City of San Bruno, CA.

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PV, Sonoma, CA County of Lake, CA. California State Senate. Small Business Administration. City of San Diego. UP's guidance helped me get my health insurer to finally cover our unpaid claims for my daughter's medical care. Thanks UP!

Sandy - Anatomy of a Superstorm 2012 (BBC HD 720p)

Ben F. Insurance protects businesses from events out of their control and improves chances for survival.

Floodplain Management

Here are some tips to keep your business running smoothly:. During disasters, communication is one of the most needed activities to inform employees and suppliers, answer customer questions, reduce rumors, and provide expectations to the public. It is also one of the first systems to break or experience challenges.

To plan for potential business interruptions and to create a crisis communication strategy as part of your larger Business Continuity Plan. Here are some tips:. Depending on the type of hazards your business may face there are a variety of resources to help. Top 10 Preparedness Tips Organize a staff team to create your plan. Gather critical documents and information needed for decision making. Identify hazards and potential disruptions to your operations. Keep it simple: design a plan that is easy to understand and implement.

Create a communications strategy and plan to use it post emergency. Maintain an up-to-date emergency contact list for employees, vendors, suppliers, and other key stakeholders. Recruit and train employee volunteers that can effectively manage the response.

Back up and store vital records and data at an off-site location. Take action to mitigate the potential impact of a disaster on equipment, buildings, facilities, inventory, and storage. Consider your insurance options and whether to purchase a generator. Exercise, test, and update your plan at least annually.

Are You Prepared? Business Disaster Preparedness Plan Development: Lessons from Sandy — Five tips suggested by the Houston Chronicle about developing an effective disaster preparedness plan. Business Disaster Preparedness Plan Development: Lessons from Sandy — Fundamental steps for developing an effective disaster preparedness plan.

Provides step-by-step assistance to get back on track.

Coastal Insurance Survival Guide

Five Steps Toward Disaster Preparedness — 5-step preparedness checklist. Business Disaster Planning Checklist — Useful list to help business plan ahead before a disaster. Flying glass from broken windows could injure you. Turn your refrigerator or freezer to the coldest setting and open only when necessary. If you lose power, food will last longer. Keep a thermometer in the refrigerator to be able to check the food temperature when the power is restored. Do not drive around barricades.

If sheltering during high winds, go to a FEMA safe room, ICC storm shelter, or a small, interior, windowless room or hallway on the lowest floor that is not subject to flooding. If trapped in a building by flooding, go to the highest level of the building. Do not climb into a closed attic. You may become trapped by rising flood water. Listen for current emergency information and instructions.

Use a generator or other gasoline-powered machinery outdoors ONLY and away from windows. Turn Around. Just six inches of fast-moving water can knock you down, and one foot of moving water can sweep your vehicle away. Stay off of bridges over fast-moving water. Be careful during clean-up. Wear protective clothing and work with someone else. Do not touch electrical equipment if it is wet or if you are standing in water. If it is safe to do so, turn off electricity at the main breaker or fuse box to prevent electric shock. Avoid wading in flood water, which can contain dangerous debris.

Underground or downed power lines can also electrically charge the water. Save phone calls for emergencies. Phone systems are often down or busy after a disaster. Use text messages or social media to communicate with family and friends. Document any property damage with photographs.

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