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You know t Ella has been slightly in love with her boyfriends boss, Zane, since she first laid eyes on him. But Adam was a good guy and a guy like Zane would never be interested in a girl like her right? You broke the rules, you fucker.

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He began to laugh as he winked at me, making my heart beat faster. Theodore De Luca. Even the name sends shivers down yo Olivia and Mason are long-time friends who live together in the Rocky Mountains. They come across a man one day who desperately needs their help- and they need him more than they know. MMF Even t He moved up behind me and again that familiar feeling inside of me stirred back to life again.

My breathing became irregular as his scent wraps around me. I felt the palm of his hand grip my ass ha Upon hearing the call of the wolf, that's when you know that they've found her.

Forest Lake is no exception We would've been fine once I graduated, but then I went to college. That's when the fire nation attacked, in the form of life. I crept down the stairs slowly, was this a good idea? Was I ready to c Can an escort and a prince find their own fairytale ending?

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Indulge in this blazing hot chemistry between Jennifer and her prince in the first book in the series, A Scandalous Royal Fairytale No, This word cant even start to explain the way I was feeling right now. Caressing my bump I assured myself for the hundredth time. And collecting every bit of courage gave a light knock I waited an hour, then another, but she was gone. When I checked the website again, her profile had been erased. Regular women bore me, the whole damn process does.

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Women started consuming naughty books not because of some historic surge in desire but because of digital technology — the real reason Fifty Shades of Gr ey was a success was e-readers. What do you think men require from erotic writing that's different to women? How did this affect the story you wrote for Esquire? Pure, no-strings sex, which is, deep down, what men like. He was one of those guys that left-wingers wish never existed — a sexist, pleasure-obsessed bloke who turns women into sex-crazed animals. The best line is more philosophical than arousing and tells much about the pleasures of prostate stimulation.

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News Style Culture Subscribe Newsletter. Type keyword s to search. So what would erotica be like if it was written with men in mind? Though he hadn't seen the woman assisstant or the king, he had felt their presence many times throughout the week.

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As he lay there he thought of her, hell he didn't even know her name, but god she had gotten his cock to rise something no woman had done since he had walked in on his his mother and sister in the bathroom. They had just gotten out of the shower together and were drying off when he had walked in, staring at their naked bodies had made him painfully hard.

When his mother and sister had yelled at him, he had been embarrassed so bad that he had left that day and hadn't called wrote or gone back home. He had also sworn off women as he was always was red faced when he was around them that first year, so he had hardened his heart, that at times he was as emotional as a computer.

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It had helped to alienate him from all women and he hadn't had to worry about sex, he had just concentrated on learning which was why he had been at the top of his class that not many had graduated from. Looking for the king and his assisstant Mark was ready to move on, drawing closer to where he had met them the first day, he heard arguing coming from the room.

Entering, he saw several men standing over the king with guns drawn, walking to a side panel he tapped a screen and saw that the system was hacked and got pissed. Activating the anti-hack system the bots began to move in from all direction there was shouting and firing from the men. Mark looked in and saw the shield around the king, as the men fired at him, right before the bots froze them all with the paralysis beams that Mark had installed on them.

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The guards moved in, the men stared at Mark as they were taken away asking them who he was they explained that he was the new maintenance man and they stared mouths agape then they started to curse each other saying that they should have known that they couldn't beat a fully operational palace. Mark just stared at them Palace? Mark started to laugh harder than he ever had so hard in fact he had to brace his self against the wall.

The assisstant walked up to him with a questioning look on her face. I don't see the humor in any of this" she shouted at him threatening to slap him. Mark I offer myself to you as your slave to do as you wish" she breathed out as she looked at the floor prepared for her life to end as she awaited his words.

Mark was shocked, a slave? Fuck that, he didn't want a slave he had enough to do with fixing machines, he didn't need his space fucked up with a chatty fucking female. He has done more this week than he did all year last year. Just tell him to give me half and I'll be back in two years he can sign a note that he will pay me or the knigdom is mine. I fucking don't think so, I have appointments for the next year I can't break my word, I won't be out of system so if he needs me then I will be nearby but I will not break contracts as I kept yours, I WILL keep those.

Grabbing her by the throat her shushed her as he whispered in her ear. Please forgive me" touching her throat the tears began to fall anew and she threw her self at his feet.

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As they approached Nissie used her code to enter her room and led Mark in. You can sleep here in a real bed and decide what you want to do with me and everything else" Mark sighed as he fell into her bed and was falling asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. A slave he thought shit now what am I to do as sleep took him.

Please rate this text:. Pars, this story is rather juvenile; why? Not your usual style, have a bad night or two?

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Why the hell did I put off myself from reading this story.