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Or a 2nd playthrough? Why was he restricted to multiplayer only? AddOn rescued it a bit for me.

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The third point am I nitpicking here? It is lore that these symbols are somehow connected to the necromorphing process. Why are they missing on the alien marker then? Every marker should have them and every copy ofc too. The look pretty cool but their design is so different.

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Maybe too different? That would be my points about DS3. It was also still enough horror for me preventing me from playing it everyday even without the typical DS halucinations. Yes the game wasnt as scary, but the gameplay wa still a lot of fun. Its strange for Ellie to be glad that someone they thought was dead to actually be alive???

Not only just anyone, someone she cares about? WTF kind of idiotic writing is this? Even worse is the idiotic lvoe traingle rivalry pushes the story along with Norton trying to kill Isaac because of it. NO ONE. This was lazy, cop-out writing.

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Norton had such potential to be an interesting, strong character. He couldve beeb like a Hammond from DS1 except this time he knows what's going on. Norton was correct in many instances that the mission should be aborted, but because of the Love Triangle it maeks you think "is he actually trying to be logical, or is he jsut butthurt?

Norton betrays to save himself and his comrades for he sees the mission as lost.

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Instead, we are left with him betrayin got save himself and kill isaac off to he can have Ellie to himself. I think it's because EA did the same thing Capcom did with the resident evil franchise and made it into a more action oriented game and took out most of the horror element. It's not that dead space 3 was bad it's just that it lacked what the first dead space had and that was keeping the player in this constant state of terror throughout the game. Even today after playing the first dead space I will never forget my fear and anticipation when the USG Kellion and it's crew first boarded the Ishimura without having a clue of what awaits them.

The story suck balls, downgrading Ellie, removing all the badass element she had, and filling the plot with superflous side characters that are unlikeable and they usually just die away - plus the good ol' "ancient aliens" stuff. More action oriented added to the formula because they designed the game for a coop campaign to appeal to a wider audience kill me. Too many necromorphs. So many encounters were huge hordes.

In sheer amount, it was almost as if each encounter was the equivalent of a quarantine segment in previous games. Universal Ammo. The developers were kinda forced to do universal ammo because of all the necros they stupidly threw at us, but having Universal Ammo took away the fun of ammo conversation and made the engagements brain numbingly easy. Pure survival mode fixes this somewhat, but not completely.

It was odd.

I would have loved if it was both were separated. The Crafting system, while admittedly a lot of fun, broke the game. Im fine if this was left the way it is, or reverted to old way. The pro of fun factor with con of breaking game and pro of gaming balance with con of not having that fun factor are equal in this regard, IMO. The idiotic love triangle. Love triangles are almost always bad ideas from the get-go, but Visceral took a horrible idea and used it in worst way possible which leads to issues 3 and 4. Another user touched on the wasted potential of Robert.

He was reduced to a dispicable character. Instead of a complex character he was the generic "other lover" who is forced into becoming an utter dick doing and saying things that make no sense under the circumstances for the sake of making the audience not like him. Good gosh the lazy writing. The utter laziness towards Ellie's and Roberts' characters piss me off more than anything. Carver and Isaac surviving is also idiotic. Im fine with them surviving the game, but that ending needs to be completely rehauled for it to be even remotely believable.

Playing Dead Space 3 I was never scared, never frightened, never even felt threatened. On the average difficulty the damage from cutting limbs was clearly nerfed because it was often faster and easier to hit everything the same human based center of mass. Maybe cutting limbs would have killed faster, but the reticule seemed harder to aim, and your base weapon was basically a freaking assault rifle not well suited to precision aiming. At the end of the day, I didn't see a difference between pumping shots into a necro's chest and going for limbs, and since ammo was literally everywhere and universal, I had no reason to be conservative.

That's the biggest issue. Dead Space 1 and 2, and every good survival horror action game, is about running out of supplies, and Dead Space 3 didn't have that on Normal at least, where mos people would play the game. The abundance of ammo and health meant the only times you would die would be instant death sections.

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Most of the combat sections I recall happened in enclosed spaces, like the old quarantine segments, except half the time the vents necros came out of were bloody lit up. Yeah, just highlight where in the area the zombies are coming from, that's scary. Wonder which of these four obvious, well lit vents they'll jump out of. It also meant the smartest play was to back into a corner and spray bullets. Why not? Not like there's a lack of ammo to deter me from shooting my name into the floor.

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There's no tension that I'll mess things up. That if I fire too many shots I might be in trouble in the next encounter, that god forbid I change my weapon to have enough shots total to survive. It feels like people whined about not being able to use the Contact Beam all the time so they just neutered the ammo system to appeal to people who refused to change guns. It's the only reason I can think of to go to a universal ammo system.

And finally, the new crafting system broke literally every piece of balance the game could have had. Every single fight was "Stand in corner, wait until they get close, explode everyone. The old weapon system was balanced like that, you couldn't just use the strongest gun in the game forever unless you were good with the Cutter, and really, who didn't love that thing Dead Space 3 though, you absolutely could craft an over powered piece of hardware, and the game just kept spitting ammo at you with reckless abandon.

Crafting system. Having a good co-op combo often times gives you a good badass feeling of being an unstoppable duo. Which can kind of backfire against the original game's feeling of helplessness and limitation. But still, i like the idea, and for all the people that don't like this system, there is Classic mode. I loved the way the game introduced itself through Tim and Sam. The Prologue scene really sets things off in a positive way, raising some interesting questions of what's to come in the game.

Variety of locations. Although the pacing of the game suffers a bit as a result of multiple locations, i really appreciate the scope of the game.

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Dead Space 1 and 2 were hour games, while Dead Space 3 last nearly twice as long, although it maybe wasn't necessary for it to be that long due to game's troublesome pacing in some parts of the game. I really like the setting of the game. The Isaac-Carver dynamic is a fun one. I like John Carver's character. And of course i like Isaac. And some of their dialogue is really fun to listen to.