THE CASE OF THE SAD FLAG a 9/11 German Shepherd Mystery

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This sad episode led to a large public outcry. In response, the military pledged not to dispose of military working dogs in the same manner. Congress eventually passed a law that allows military dogs to have an honorable retirement. President Clinton signed a bill in November H. This allowed for the adoption of retired military working dogs to former handlers and other qualified civilians. Now, these life-saving dogs in the military can finally look forward to a comfortable and dignified retirement.

After Vietnam, all dog units except AF were disbanded. The courage and loyalty of these dogs have continued to save lives and prevent injuries since creation of the K-9 Corps. Many of the dogs on these current teams are German Shepherds, and they serve in many roles and perform many duties. These dogs continue to be valued members of our Military and patriotic guardians of our freedom. German Shepherd Dogs likely will have a place in our military for years to come. They have served with distinction in many theaters and in many conflicts around the world.

Should you have the good fortune to meet MWD teams, please thank them for serving our country. With your support, we send quarterly care packages to MWD teams deployed in global combat zones. Additionally, we boost morale with stateside MWD kennel visits.

We promote veteran causes and memorials, including recognition of retired MWDs. And we host education events and create content to educate the public about the jobs of MWD teams.

Your pup snoozes beside you as you pet him. The last thing you want to do is get up and go outside, right? Your dog still needs exercise for his mental health and yours. Here are some fun ideas to stay active both indoors and outdoors. Plan a puppy play date. This one is the best of both worlds. First, you get to hang out with your dog. Second, you get to hang out with your friend and his or her dog.

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And, bonus, you can do this one inside or out. If you want to play outside, great! Just make sure you bundle your dog up in a dog coat to keep him warm! You can go to a dog park, take a walk, or even just play fetch with the pups in your back yard. Set up a mini obstacle course for your dogs — you can use things like cones, spare tires, and poles to set up a basic course — and have a little friendly competition with your pal! Find a dog park.

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The great thing about dog parks is that there are both indoor and outdoor parks. Again, if you will be keeping him outdoors, make sure he is prepared for the cold in a warm dog jacket. At the dog park, you can do all sorts of things — play fetch with a ball or Frisbee, let your dog make new friends just be sure to keep an eye on him , run with him, or so much more. However, taking your dog to an indoor park could be more beneficial to both you and your pup than an outdoor park.

First, there are no other creatures waiting to sabotage your play date. An indoor park allows you to enjoy playtime with your pup with peace of mind. Additionally, when you play with your dog outdoors, chances are he loves to dig in the dirt or snow — this may be entertaining to watch, but it makes a lot of extra work for you later when you have to bathe him for the third time in two days. Create a scavenger hunt. This may require a little extra effort on your part, as most dogs have an amazing sense of smell. However, it will be worth the effort to see how happy this makes your dog!

Pick a few items such as treats, toys, and tennis balls and hide them across your yard. This one can also be done indoors. Since you have less space inside, change it up a bit — show your dog a treat or a toy and tell him to sit and stay while you hide it.

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Bundle up and get outside! This one is the most obvious of all, which is why I saved it for last. But chances are, your dog does.

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So bundle yourself and your dog up, get outside, and start a game of fetch or go for a walk. All three require a bit more effort than your typical snow day with your dog, especially skijoring — it is a new sport that combines dog sledding with cross-country skiing. But all three promise to be tons of fun, as well! Whatever you decide to do with your dog this winter, just have fun.

And, most importantly, make sure you always make time to exercise your pup — it will keep him both happy and healthy! She has written content for blogs as well as for advertising and promotional materials, and is currently writing for Kurgo, a company committed to helping people and their dogs get out and enjoy the world together by creating high quality dog travel and outdoor products.

Chris was a particularly talented gal, she had to be because she was working alongside members of an elite Navy SEAL team whose every movement was precise and inevitable. She was a gorgeous German shepherd dog of deep sable color, perfect ear set with an exquisite structure that matched her beautiful mind. All of those talents and assets were honed by her handler, Richard Trapp , into a Patrol and Explosives Dog extraordinaire, Chris K It was Trapp's second Deployment, but his first as a dog handler. In addition to Chris' skills in the field, the teamwork built with Trapp was flawless in execution and resulted in their being pulled to work highly sensitive and critical missions with members of the Special Forces Group.

One such day happened to be on July 4th. Sure, it was Independence Day back home with parades, family reunions and BBQs, but here in the hot, wretched Hellhole of Afghanistan, the day would be spent on a mission to assist a nearby village deal with their Taliban infestation issues. The mission that day remains mostly classified so we cannot know the intensity of battle or final results, but ultimately, after a firefight lasting two hours, the team prepared to return back to their tiny Forward Operating Base FOB to rest, Mission Complete.

Driving the dangerous roadways is always an issue in Afghanistan. As Trapp remembers, "It was a scary event. I didn't know if we were dead or alive. Chris continues to perform flawlessly. She will do anything for a KONG toy. That deployment with Trapp she had 7 confirmed finds, including two bomb making factories, a weapons cache filled with AK47s and rounds of ammunition along with multiple IEDs. Her work no doubt saved the lives of coalition soldiers and local civilians.

As she continues to work, she moves towards her retirement, which Trapp plans to be on a couch in his living room.

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We thank this hardworking gal with a great nose for all of her expertise and success over the years and wish her Godspeed on her journey home from her current deployment and into the welcoming arms of her former handler and permanent retirement. Above: The 24 packing volunteers gather for a celebratory photo after assembling boxes, February 11, Gearing up When we started planning 10 months ago, it felt as if we had plenty of time. Staging As products began arriving, we set aside space in our house to store the cartons.

Two days before the Q packing event, we had a total of 91 cartons stored at the Louisville CO Police Department everything at the edge of the training mat, and all boxes along the right wall. Packing day As we approached our February 11 packing event, it felt as if we had a thousand details and loose ends to consider.

Krystal draws diagrams of the packing sequence for volunteers to use as a reference. Three adults and two children from United States Postal Service helped at the end of our packing line, attaching customs forms and taking boxes directly to a mail truck. On a Sunday! Photos by Anna Steere and Leigh Steere.


Wearing rubber bands, head gear or retainer as prescribed? Align Orthodontics military ties Align Orthodontics has a deep reverence for the military and the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women. Photo credit: Shelli Patty. From left to right, bottom row: Dr. Not pictured: Laurie Hoff. The packing coordinator… Identifies a theme for the quarter. Selects products to include in the care packages. Solicits donations from manufacturers, retailers, and veterinary clinics.