Three Little Pigs

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Shubham Mishra. Doug 'Gooner' MacTaggart. The classics are the best!! Neha Reddy. Uma Singarajah Anban. Cachorrito Glez. Dineez Elivera. Arslan Bahtti.

The Three Little Pigs (characters)

Muhamad Saad. Lovely Bulado. Jordan Timola. Nazer Peterson. Princess Chelle.

Jhans Mirador. Bradley Barnes. I love this story it never grows old 4 me. Vinod Kumar. Amanda Danielle Wallace. Wth was that wolf dying really necessary?? Susana Galindo.

The Three Little Pigs - Short Stories

Karl Blessing. Michelle Darley. Hina Kharod. Lovely my kidds enjoyed it.. Sei Bears. Jayan Jayan. Love My Kids Thank U. Lowver Animoto. Jonna Mugas Santos. What is the moral lesson. Claudia Hibbler. Ratu Hanun. Don t be lazy. Wynne Tricia Kie. Good story…i take that story for my class meeting. Iskander Aminov. Isn't the moral kind of obvious? You work hard to save your friends and not get eaten. Phyllis Bose.

Put others before your self. Mark SuckerBurg. Cheap junk is never a good idea. Saul Quintero Flores. Maame Adwoa. Lady Vaughn. Mario Nicholas Reyhan. The Story is to Long xD. Was a nice story except wolf part. Iraeta Chavarria. Afaf Amer.

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Amoz Newkirk. Prabas Khanal.

Yas the story is long xD. Fernando Rivera. I love this story also. Divyaanshi Mohan. A good story I read the story and I used for my project.

Three Little Pigs: The Wolf's Story

Very lovely. Dominique Ryan Aquino. Illustrations support the text. Use of Raz-Kids.

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By and by, one day when Brer Rabbit was fixing to call on Miss Coon, he heard a monstrous fuss and clatter up the big road, and almost before he could fix his ears to listen, Brer Wolf ran in the door. The little rabbits, they went into the hole in the cellar, they did, like blowing out a candle. Brer Wolf was fairly covered with mud, and mighty well nigh out of wind.

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The dogs are after me, and they'll tear me up. Don't you hear them coming? O, do please save me, Brer Rabbit! Hide me somewhere the dogs won't get me. In jumped Brer Wolf, down came the lid, and into the hasp went the hook, and there Mr. Wolf was. Then Brer Rabbit went to the looking-glass, he did, and winked at himself. And then he pulled the rocking chair in front of the fire, he did, and took a big chew of tobacco. Then Brer Rabbit sat there a long time, he did, turning his mind over and working his thinking machine. By and by he got up and sort of stirred around.